She pays attention, stays in touch

Megan takes the stress and worry out of selling your home because she knows ahead of time what problems pop up and how the process goes. We were amazed that someone could make the whole business go as planned and smooth it all out for us. We have recommended her so many times to our friends and they have had the same impression of her. She pays attention, stays in touch, knows who to call to fix or solve a problem, and has done it so many times, she’s got it under control. Besides, she made us laugh and not be so serious about the whole process.
Ted and Mary Danberg


Of all the people we met in Galt…

Of all the people we met in Galt, we remember Megan most fondly and stay in touch with her. She helped us buy our home and many years later, she sold it for us for top dollar. In the meantime, she was always there to help us with the County tax assessor, the repairs we did over the years, and who to go to for a million other questions we asked her. She is the greatest!

Candy Kassle


We’ve never had a better business experience

Not long ago, my husband and I bought a home in Pennsylvania and we kept saying to each other, “well, this isn’t like dealing with Megan”. We remembered what it was like to have confidence that someone was representing us and was looking out ahead to solve any glitches before they jumped up to bite us. With her help we bought the home where we raised our kids and enjoyed the small town life for 15 years. We’ve never had a better business experience.
Jack and Janice Best